Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Holiday Blog Party: Tuesday - Camping in France

Cheers! I've crossed the Channel today to one of my favourite campsites in France, and the weather's looking much better! Do help yourself to some of this delicious Côtes du Rhône from the Intermarché.
If you've been following my trip this week, you'll know that I'm visiting the holiday destinations that inspired the stories in my new book, Postcards and Suntan Cream.

I've been camping in France, not to mention Italy, Germany and The Netherlands, for many years with Eurocamp. Back in 1990, I remember helping to unpack the first fridges for the tents! Before that there was only a large cool box with an ice pack that you exchanged each day at the campsite shop. How things have changed since then, now most accommodation is in mobile homes which may even have air conditioning!
My story, La Vallée d'Amour is set in Alsace. It's not so hot and crowded as the South of France in summer, but that's where Kate really wanted to go. . .

Each day I am blogging about one of my favourite holiday destinations which form a backdrop to my stories.
All you have to do to join in is:

  • Leave a comment on my blog
  • Write about a favourite holiday destination on your blog
  • Give a link back to my blog
On Sunday, January 13th, 2013, at 6pm GMT, I will put all the Holiday Party Bloggers' names in my sun hat, and the first out will receive a signed paperback copy of Postcards and Suntan Cream!

So get blogging, and watch out for my next holiday destination tomorrow!

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