Sunday, 4 November 2018

Origin by Dan Brown - Gripping, Exciting and Brilliant!

Inside Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
All through history, mankind has tried to answer  two eternal questions: Where are we from? and Where are we going to? In Origin,  Dan Brown  brings these questions right up to date for the twenty-first century.
The Guggenheim, Bilbao
Edmond Kirsch has put millions into finding the answers to them, however, in front of a big invited audience at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao, where he about to disclose his findings, he is assassinated.
The Royal Palace, Madrid
The internet goes wild with conspiracy theories when it is found that a message, believed to have come from the Royal Palace in Madrid, requested the late admission of ex-Naval officer, Ávila, the assassin. Could the old king, already on his deathbed, be trying to remove Kirsch to try and protect the old traditional Catholic Spain from his shocking predictions?
Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon - Will there be another film?
In this intriguing novel which takes place mainly over twenty-four nail-biting hours, Kirsch's old friend, Robert Langdon, with his own life now under threat because of his connections to Kirsch; and Ambra Vidal, the museum's director and the fiancée of Prince Julián, heir to the Spanish throne, try to uncover who is behind Edmond's murder, and also try to solve the cryptic password to the secrets he was going to reveal at the museum so the world can find out what he has discovered.
This book is not so violent as his previous ones, but shows Dan Brown's wide knowledge of the history of science and religion, which he builds on to come up with Edmond's solution. The story is gripping and exciting and all the more so if you have have visited Bilbao, Madrid or Barcelona where the action takes place.
I thought the best parts were Edmond Kirsch's audio-visual presentation in the museum which would look fantastic in a film (if they ever make one) and Winston, the audio-guide that sounds like Hugh Grant, which Robert Langdon is given as he arrives at the museum.
It is a bit different from the books that I have been reading recently, but I thought it was brilliant.