Friday, 9 March 2012

Good News! Article in Teignmouth Post A Success! Plus Liebster Blog Award!

I was just going to the shops yesterday when I had a phone call from Rhona at the  Quayside Bookshop in Teignmouth, wanting some more copies of Gipsy Moth. I'm really pleased that the article in the Teignmouth Post generated some sales! Wonderful! So I was able to parcel up some more copies and send them straight away. Jonathan Cainer in the Daily Mail said that I should look out for co-incidences and I suppose that it was a co-incidence that I was just going out and able to post the books at the same time.
Then today, the lovely Debs Carr awarded me the Liebster Blog Award. It's the second time that I've received it and I'm glad that you no longer have to find five others to award it to, but you do have to list five random facts about yourself, so here goes:

  1. My mother had a teacher who was related to Captain Scott who perished at the South Pole one hundred years ago.
  2. She left me outside the post office in my pram when I was six months old, queued up to post some parcels, came out out, and forgot I was hers!
  3. David Seaman smiled at me in the local supermarket the other week.
  4. I went to the loo at Ascot once and come out with my skirt tucked into my knickers! Thank goodness a friend spotted me before I got too far!
  5. I was made to stay in at break when I started school because some boys had taken my skipping rope. Perhaps I lashed out irrationally! 
I'm going to pass the award to Debbie White, the Bluestocking Mum, for her inspirational blog.

What are your random moments?


  1. Great news about your sales, congratulations.

    I love your five 'things', although I think it was unfair that you had to stay inside when those boys took your skipping rope.

  2. Every day is a random moment for me at present, Jean! Thank you so much for my award.

    Love your five things and I have a rather entertaining few that I'll share with you just as soon as I can (probably next week)

    Bye for now