Sunday, 24 May 2015

Eighty-five Years Ago Today, Amy Johnson Became the First Woman to Fly Solo from London to Australia!

Amy Johnson - Wikipedia
On May 24th 1930, Amy Johnson flew into Port Darwin after a 21 day flight from London. The first woman to fly the 11,000 miles alone.
Her adventures read like something out of H Rider Haggard: flying over jungles and shark infested waters with only her trusty Gipsy Moth made only of wood and cloth to keep her safe.

Here is a short extract from my novel Gipsy Moth which tells the story of Kathy who wants to fly like Amy Johnson, but who gets pregnant instead and is sent to stay with her aunt in Devon near Haldon Aerodrome.

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I sat up in bed surrounded by all the Sunday papers that Uncle Jeremy could get hold of. Amy Johnson may have achieved her goal and been the first woman to fly solo to Australia, but I was no closer to solving my problems . . .  
The baby kicked right up under my ribs. I winced and stretched, trying to pull away from it. What am I to do with you? Should I follow my dreams, or should I do the right thing?

Which is the right thing, anyway?