Saturday, 23 August 2014

New Video to Celebrate New Look Postcards and Suntan Cream!

Click here to view my brand new video to celebrate my new look summer short stories, Postcards and Suntan Cream!
Escape to France, Italy or America; take a cruise on the Sovereign Royale across the Atlantic; or visit a British seaside holiday resort in the 1960s.
Meet characters young and old in stories of life, love and laughter.
This August Bank Holiday, whether you're sitting on the beach, or by the fire (!), these stories are perfect holiday reading.

Download Postcards and Suntan Cream here from Amazon.

Friday, 22 August 2014

August Bank Holiday Launch of New Look Postcards and Suntan Cream!

This August Bank Holiday I'm having a re-launch of my book of super summer stories: Postcards and Suntan Cream!
These stories of life, love and laughter, set in romantic holiday destinations, are perfect for the beach, or a deck chair in the garden, but you can always take refuge on the sofa if it rains!
This exciting new cover was designed by Samantha Groom whom I can thoroughly recommend for her fantastic photography and creative skills.

So make the most of the holiday weekend, whether it rains or shines, and relax with Postcards and Suntan Cream!
Download it here on Amazon and enjoy!
PS You can also contact Samantha Groom at

Sunday, 10 August 2014

I'm Being Tantalized by Tantalus, the Intriguing First Novel by Jane Jazz

To tantalize means to torment with the sight of something that is out of reach.
This is the clever premise of Tantalus by Jane Jazz.
Sylvia and Tom are tantalized by the sight of each other, but they cannot reach each other because they are fifty years apart: separated by time and a wall between their studios which disintegrates to reveal each to the other, but will not let them touch or visit each other's time.
This first occurs in 1975 when Sylvia, a painter, is 25, and Tom, a sculptor, is 28, but is living in 1924.
It's a beautiful story, rather like The Time Traveller's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger or Ferney by James Long where two lovers are kept apart by time. However, in those two books, the lovers do meet through the years, but Sylvia and Tom are kept apart only to see each other through the wall. However, they discover that they can communicate by letters pushed through a hole, and their words are full of emotion.

Jane has written a Romantic story with a capital R, calling on poetry from Keats and paintings by Millais and Burne-Jones.
To find out what happens to this couple so deeply in love, you will have to read her novel, which at the moment is only available as an ebook. I can't wait for the paperback version because I'm being tantalized by this beautiful story and would love one to hold in my hands and treasure it for ever!

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Remembering the Centenary of the Outbreak of the First World War

My father was born in 1899 and was 14 when the war broke out. How could he and his family have imagined what effect it would have on their lives?
He was born in a Norfolk village, untouched by progress. By the time he was 18, he was called up. Not with the Pals' Battalions, as at the beginning of the war, but with a London regiment whose boys took the birthday cake my grandmother had made for him, and ate it.
He survived the war, being wounded in October 1918, just weeks before the Armistice, and sent home. But the effect of the horror of war never left him and affected the rest of his life.
I've been able to search for his war records on Ancestry and have been able to visit the place where he was shot: a very moving experience.
Here he stands in the photo, a young man only eighteen years of age, off to fight for his King and Country. Today's boys are off for three years of fun (and study) at uni. Let's not forget what that generation, one hundred years ago, did for us.