Sunday, 3 June 2012

Waving to The Queen and Wellingtons full of Mud

When I was three, the Queen came to open a new building at the local university. I can't remember whether we  walked or went on the bus, but I do remember standing in the crowd lining the street with Edward, the boy who lived next door, and our mums, waiting to see her. At last the royal car swept by, and everyone waved their flags, then Edward and I (it must have been his idea because he was four) ran down the street to the end of the crowd and waved to her on our own (the world was a much safer place in those days), and she waved back. A special wave just for us!
I used to play a lot with Edward, and one day (he was full of good ideas) we filled my shiny new Wellingtons with wet mud to see if they were waterproof, much to our mums' horror!
I used this incident in my novel, Gipsy Moth, which you can download for free this Jubilee Weekend.

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