Saturday, 2 June 2012

Queen Victoria and the Jubilee Concert

These are the preparations for the Jubilee Concert to be held outside Buckingham Palace on Monday 4th June.
You can't quite see Queen Victoria in this photo, but she's there behind that giant canopy. I wonder what she thinks about all the high tech wizardry going on around her? She probably enjoys the crowds of people surging forward to celebrate her great-great granddaughter's Diamond Jubilee, and is proud that Queen Elizabeth has achieved sixty years on the throne like she did.
Victoria has seen it all before, of course, as there was the memorable concert in 2002 for the Golden Jubilee with Brian May playing his guitar on the roof of the Palace!
If you can't get to London for the celebrations, or the rain is dampening your spirits, you can download my novel, Gipsy Moth, free this weekend from Amazon. Happy Jubilee!


  1. Have a lovely weekend, Jean - I'm looking forward to watching the concert on the TV! Have downloaded your book, thank you, but don't know when I'll actually get round to reading it!

    1. Thanks, Rosemary. I'll be watching it on the TV too, but I've heard that one church is projecting the concert onto it's tower. I hope it doesn't rain!

  2. Interesting photo. Happy Jubilee!