Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Last Minute Gluten-Free Jubilee Cup Cakes!

Do you need to bake some cup cakes for that last minute Jubilee tea party?
The problem with gluten-free cakes is that they are often rather dry. I've found that the answer is not to skimp on the milk you add. I know you don't normally add milk to a Victoria sponge mix, but it is essential with gluten-free flour, and five tablespoons to the 3 eggs, 6oz self-raising flour, 6oz caster sugar and 6oz margarine works well. (Cook for 20 mins Gas 5 or 190 degrees Celsius.)
I got these decorations from Sainsbury's. I really wanted red, white and blue sugar strands, but they'd all gone, so I had to buy them separately. I particularly like the pearls contrasting with the red and blue. The resulting mix looks a bit like royal jewels!
Thank you for all your support with my free download offer on my novel, Gipsy Moth, which ends at 8am BST tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of this wonderful Jubilee weekend!


  1. Those cakes look really yummy, Jean! It's been a great weekend - I've been watching it all on the TV!

  2. They look super Jean. It must have been a real boost for cake making suppliers. Our neighbour made a two cake extravaganza complete with a bridge to join them together, London lamposts and corgis. Great fun!

  3. Thanks Rosemary, I'm glad you enjoyed the Jubilee festivities on the TV. I must admit that I saw most of it there too.

    That cake sounds wonderful, Cara, have you got a photo?