Monday, 2 December 2013

Gipsy Moth Christmas Kindle Countdown Deal, Day 2

I hope you enjoyed yesterday's seasonal installment of my historical romance, Gipsy Moth, which I am offering as a Kindle Countdown Deal over the next three days to celebrate the beginning of December and the advent of the Christmas holidays. Today, the price is still 99p, so if you haven't already downloaded your copy, you can use this opportunity to buy it at a discount because it goes up tomorrow at 8am GMT!!

Yesterday, Kathy received an Advent calendar from Ben. Although she's having his baby, his parents won't let them marry, and she's waiting at home to see him again at Christmas, whilst he's been sent on officer training in Lincolnshire.

As always, I sent him a reply by the next post. I had a large stack of his letters, and I imagined that he did too, tucked in a drawer. I often wondered if there was enough room for his RAF socks.

Dear Ben,
Only you would think of making such a wonderful Advent calendar. Thank you so much. I’m just itching to peep inside all the doors, but that would spoil all the surprises.
 I miss you too; time drags by so slowly without you here. I even miss the shop, and find myself longing to go back to work, at least that would make the days and weeks crawl past more quickly.
There’s nothing to do. No motorbike to tinker with and no trips into the countryside, hugging you for dear life as we breeze along the lanes. I’d really enjoy that, even though the weather’s turning cold and damp now. No poring over the latest magazines together, and dreaming about shiny new motor cars. No holding hands in the pictures and watching newsreels of aeroplanes and adventurers. Ben, my life is so empty without you. I can’t wait for Christmas to see you again. But afterwards, I’ll have to go away to Devon, and I’m dreading that. I really hope that you can talk to your parents soon and they will let us marry.
Hurry up and come home,
Your loving Kathy


It’s 1929, and Kathy’s greatest wish is to fly a Gipsy Moth like her childhood sweetheart, Ben. But when his parents find out she’s expecting his baby, they forbid them to marry, and Kathy is dispatched to her aunt’s in Devon in disgrace, whilst Ben is sent to Lincolnshire for his RAF officer training. 
How can their love survive when they’re so far apart? Especially now that Kathy has met her aunt’s stepson, Paul, who encourages her to take some flying lessons at Haldon Aerodrome, despite her pregnancy, and her imagination has been captured by Amy Johnson who is proposing to fly solo to Australia. 
But when Ben’s plane is lost at sea, Kathy is torn between raising her baby alone and being frowned upon by society, or giving it up for adoption and pursuing her dream of flying. On top of this, she uncovers a disturbing family secret which makes her decision all the harder.

If you have enjoyed this you can download the rest of the book, here on Amazon. (Offer available UK only)
Remember, it will be cheaper today than tomorrow!