Tuesday, 28 May 2013

How I Made My Video For Gipsy Moth

I enjoyed making the video for Postcards and Suntan Cream with Animoto so much that I thought I'd try one for my novel, Gipsy Moth.
It was really easy. Firstly, there are various styles to choose from to give the general feel of the video. I chose Antique Bouquet because I felt that the colours blended in with those on the cover.
Then I chose the music. It's an instrumental by Dorine Levy called Fly With Me. Apart from fitting in with the theme of flying, it also has a dreamy quality and is an instrumental rather than an electronic piece more suited for today.
The pictures are from the cover and a trip I made to Teignmouth one cloudy day in February, and again are very atmospheric.
All this suggests the emotion that Kathy goes through when she is sent away to Devon because she's  pregnant. And of course if you want to find out if her dreams come true, you'll have to read it!
To play my video click here.


  1. Another lovely video, Jean! I still haven't tried Animoto as I enjoyed making the longer one so much but this is lovely.

    1. Thank you! I'll have to publish another book so I can do another one!