Thursday, 2 June 2011

My Writing Spot

This is actually a photo of a very small corner of my writing spot!
Of course I have a computer, that's how I can do this blog, but I find it easier to get my thoughts down with good old pencil and paper first, without technology getting in the way.
Despite the secretarial course that my mother insisted upon (thanks Mum), I can use all the right fingers in all the right places, but not all of the time!
So, I scribble down my story, then type it up at leisure, editing it as I go. Funnily, placing a ruler (mine's pink) under the written lines helps me to type more accurately!
I have a nice set of Penguin pencils too, printed to look like the spines of paperback books. The one I'm using at the moment is inscribed Laurens Van Der Post - Venture To the Interior
I don't know if it helps my writing, but it looks impressive, and it's a cheerful pink as well.

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