Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Why I want to 'Take a Break' with 'Woman's Weekly' and 'People's Friend'.

I want to take a break with these magazines because I love the stories! Of course a novel is lovely to curl up with and lose yourself in for a few hours, but there isn't always time to spare. That's where the excellent fiction in magazines comes in. For a few minutes, you can whisk yourself away wherever the author wants to take you. For example, in this month's Take a Break's Fiction Feast you're transported to the Mediterranean, Cornwall, and the world of TV!
I've grown to love all the authors too. Some are regulars like Geraldine Ryan and Teresa Ashby who has three stories in the current issue of Woman's Weekly Fiction Special! Others are short story experts like Della Galton (How to Write and Sell Short Stories) who has stories in both Fiction Feast and People's Friend Fiction Special, and Paula Williams who has an Inspiration column in Writers' Forum where, amongst other ideas for would-be writers, she wrote about the inspiration for an unusual story published in Woman's Weekly about a man and an eleven-year-old boy climbing a mountain.
So I'm really enjoying them, the only problem is the growing pile of magazines beside my bed!

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