Saturday, 14 May 2011

Have you read Dot Scribbles' reviews?

Hello, have you read Dot Scribbles' reviews?
I was surfing the net, looking for something else, when I came across her blog, and in my photo are just some of the books she's covered. She's trying the Book Chick City Reading Challenge to read 100 books in a year.
To prove she's doing it, she blogs a review for each one. It's well worth a visit.
I wish that I had the time to read like that, but perhaps she reads very fast! I always have a pile to read, and have to stop myself from buying more, but it's very hard!
At the moment, I'm reading The Distant Hours by Kate Morton which I think will take some time as it has 600 pages! However, I'm getting into the story of Edie and Milderhurst Castle, and the secrets of the three sisters who live there and who took Edie's mother in as an evacuee in the war.
I've also just read a story by Kathleen Conlon in the current Women's Weekly Fiction special (Issue 4: 2011), called Serenity and Solicitude about Isabel who moved to the country after the war and was befriended by the two elderly women who lived next door as a refuge from her arguing parents. The story tells how these two ladies came to live together under very surprising circumstances, and how their mutual understanding helped Isabel see her own life in a new light. I loved this story and will look out for some more work by this author.


  1. I read The Distant Hours while I was on holiday, having loved her previous two, but was very disappointed. And perhaps I should take on Dot - I read 22 while away, despite being with a group of friends and working every morning! All the fault of the Kindle...

  2. Well, Lesley, I had to admit that I didn't finish The Distant Hours. The first hundred pages at least lacked all the emotion that made the first two books such compulsive reading. Having said that, I've yet to have my novel published at all!