Tuesday, 28 June 2011

First small self-publishing steps

This Gipsy Moth sketch is an attempt to design a cover for my novel, called - wait for it! - Gipsy Moth. I might need some professional help!
I've been thinking over the questions that I asked last week:
I've decided to look for a package that produces the book in paperback, because I really want to have something to hold and say it's mine, and in ebook format so I can sell it on Amazon.
(Love Always by Harriet Evans arrived on Friday, and my daughter asked why I didn't have a Kindle. I showed her the lovely pink and blue flowery cover as it came out of the cardboard wrapper, flicked through the pages and smelt them. Umm, that's why I like paper books! But I don't mind selling e-ones to those who can't live without their Kindles!)
I think that 100 to 200 is a good number to have printed. Not too many to store, but still reducing the cost per book compared to having just a few done. I will have a go at marketing it myself. I don't know whether I can be as successful as Catherine Ryan Howard who, when I last looked, had sold thousands of copies of Mousetrapped since March 2010! But I'm certainly buying her book on self-publishing called Self-Printed.
One important thing I need is an ISBN number so my book can be ordered by bookshops and online - if I'm so lucky (!).
I still hope that I'm doing the right thing!

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