Friday, 6 April 2012

I'm Dreaming of Easter at Disney World! Today - The Magic Kingdom!

Have you got rain forecast this weekend?  I'm dreaming of Easter at Disney World.
Come with me! I'm catching the ferry over the Seven Seas Lagoon to the Magic Kingdom. There's a cool breeze, but the sky's clear and it's going to be a magical day!
We're through the main gate and hurrying up Main Street USA, with the aroma of Mickey Mouse waffles wafting out of the cafes, and holiday songs singing in our ears.
Sharp left at Cinderella's Castle, glistening in the sunshine, to Frontierland! If we're quick, we can be the first on Splash Mountain! I love running through the queuing area without the queue!
That was great, did you get wet? It's a five storey plunge into the water!
Ok, right next door is Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. This is my favourite and we won't get wet.
How about The Haunted Mansion next? Or Pirates of the Caribbean? You want to go on the Pirates? You'll see the animatronic Johnny Depp, he's just like the real thing!
Ok, it's only 10am, time for a drink!
Join me tomorrow for a trip to Epcot!
Do you love Disney as much as me?


  1. Yes! We took our now grown-up children there when they were younger and I loved every minute. Hope I'm never too old to enjoy it all.

  2. Me too! My mother-in-law still enjoyed it when she was 80 . . .

  3. I loved Disney World and would go back again at this age.

  4. Oh I am enjoying these posts, Jean! We went to WDW for our honeymoon - that's how much we love it!

  5. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing.