Saturday, 7 April 2012

I'm Dreaming of Easter at Disney World! Today it's Epcot!

I'm dreaming that I'm spending Easter at Disney World and you're welcome to join me.
Do you feel tired after yesterday? We managed to go on 12 rides before lunch! Then we went back later for the fireworks!
Ok, today we're visiting Epcot, let's go on the monorail. From here we can see the huge silver globe of Spaceship Earth, that's a great ride about communications. Surprised? Epcot is really two parks: this one is Future World and the rides here are about science and knowledge, but told in the Disney way! The other is World Showcase where you can walk from Mexico to Canada in an hour or two!
We can go on Test Track first or Soarin': they'll both have long queues, so we'd better hurry! Everyone seems to be heading for Soarin', so let's try Test Track. It's along here past the fountains and rest rooms. There's a queue out of the door, so let's get a FASTPASS ticket first so we can come back later and go on it again. Why? Because it's a mock up of a General Motors 'testing facility' which ends in a ride outside the building in your test car at 65 mph on a 50 degree curve. It's fantastic! However, it is closing on 16th April 2012, for refurbishment, so we better make the most of it today.
My hair's such a mess after that ride, so let's go on Soarin' now. I know that there'll be a long queue. . .
Wow, 50 minutes, but it will be worth it, you see.
Ok, we sit in these seats which hang from a frame and swing forwards into a curved screen as the film starts. Don't worry, there's a harness to keep you from falling out over California. Yes, California! This ride originated at Disneyland, and showcases the beautiful state from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to LA and Disneyland itself, as you fly over it in a 'hang glider'. The ride is over in just under five minutes, and I bet you'll want to go on it again . . .

 It's after 11am and World Showcase is open now. Let's visit Canada - it's my favourite and I hope that you'll love it too. Here we are inside the 'O Canada' attraction. We stand in the middle and there are nine screens for the Circle-Vision 360 degree movie which happens all around us. Watch out! Here come the Mounties in their red jackets cantering past us on the screen. You'll also see all the beauty of the country from East to West. It's narrated by Martin Short, I didn't know he was Canadian, did you?
That was fantastic! Now look around, you can see lots of famous sites from the Eiffel Tower to St Mark's Square in Venice.
I'll let you go your own way and we'll meet up at the Rose and Crown for fish and chips at the United Kingdom pavilion later, and watch the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.

It's getting dark now and they've lighted beacons around the lagoon. When all is ready, they go out -whoosh - and it is dark. Everyone holds their breath until the music starts and Earth spins out over the lake illuminated with images of life on the planet. Then the fireworks begin exploding into a wall of white fire. It's the greatest display that I've ever seen. Unbelievable!
All too soon it's over, and we join about 35,000 people heading back to their hotels for a good sleep.
We're off to the Animal Kingdom tomorrow. Don't forget!
Which is your favourite ride at Epcot?


  1. My son particularly enjoyed Epcott as he was at just the right age for it!

  2. We liked the buffet lunch in 'Norway' at Epcot. The fireworks there are the best show of all though.

  3. Thanks Rebecca and Rosemary. I hope you can go again soon!