Thursday, 17 March 2011

Jo Brand at The Watermill Theatre

Last November, I went to see Jo Brand at The Watermill Theatre near Newbury. There were only a few tickets left and I had to sit in one of the seats on the side balcony in this wonderful old wooden mill where I once remember seeing Far From the Madding Crowd with cast of six (or it may have been just four)!
Jo was being interviewed for the theatre Book Club, and promoting the next volume of her autobiography Can't Stand Up for Sitting Down. I had a good view of her from my seat, apart from the railing in the way. She talked about how she kept putting off writing her book and in the end had to do it in six weeks! Afterwards she did a book signing, and I told her that my copy was going to be a Christmas present to me, so she signed it and wrote 'Happy Christmas!'.
Because I enjoyed this book about her comedy career, I also bought the first part of her autobigraphy, Look Back in Hunger.This one is about her growing up and eventually becoming a psychiatric nurse. You can really hear her voice coming through off the page and I think I would quite like to get the audio CD versions of these books.
Now, that's an idea for a Christmas present this year!

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