Sunday, 6 March 2011

I Think I Love You

I love this new book by Allison Pearson about two thirteen year olds from Wales who enter a competition to meet David Cassidy. Allison draws such a real picture of the young girls who describe themselves as "two Welsh chicks who have to be in bed by eight thirty" and Bill, who had spent his final year at uni "honing his pinball skills on Brighton pier", and whose job is to write letters from "David" in his fan magazine. The story then moves to 1998 where Allison describes the feelings of the same middle-aged women who go to Las Vegas with Bill to meet David at last.
I can recommend this book to anyone who loved David Cassidy, anyone who remembers the Seventies, and anyone who loves a good read.
If you were ever 13. If you ever kissed pop star posters on your bedroom wall goodnight. If you ever dreamed of going up to London and meeting your favourite pop star, then this book is for you.

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