Friday, 25 May 2012

'A Wish for a Baby' online at last!

I'm so pleased that at last my story, A Wish for a Baby, has been published on the Writers Online Competition Showcase! 
I wrote it in 2010, and heard in the December that it had come second, and would therefore be on their website. The thing is that I've had to wait nearly 18 months to see it, and the theme of the story was Impatience!

First of all I thought of all the different ways that someone could be impatient: with their children, parents, work colleagues etc., then I came up with the idea of a mother being impatient for her married daughter to have a baby.
Originally, I had them going on a shopping day out together:

‘Look at that little kiddie sitting on the table! Fancy letting her do that. I wouldn’t if she were my grandchild.’ Barbara whispered.
‘Oh, don’t start that again, Mum!’ Rebecca stirred her tea. ‘Please don’t spoil our day out. I wouldn’t have come if I’d known you were going to go on about babies again.’
‘But darling, you’re not getting any younger.’
‘You know what they say about your biological clock. Tick, tick, tick!’
‘I’m not ready yet, Mum.’

But that didn't seem interesting enough, so I had another brainstorm and thought about where they could be. I was pleased with the idea about a demonstration against hospital cuts because it linked in with the baby theme.
I hope that you enjoy it!


  1. Congratulations on coming second, Jean. I enjoyed your story.

  2. Well done on the story, Jean - I really enjoyed it. I had to wait ages for my second place story to go on their website a couple of years ago - a lesson in impatience, indeed!

  3. Congratulations, an interesting twist on the theme of impatience!