Monday, 28 May 2012

When Dreams Come True Launch Party!

Today is the launch party for Rebecca Emin's new novel When Dreams Come True about a group of thirteen-year-olds: Charlie, Toby, Max and Allie, and their friendship; a very relevant subject for young people who are reassessing their relationships with their friends as they grow up.
Told in a clear and direct style, and in the first person, you're immediately drawn into Charlie's world of school and family problems where she finds that she has very vivid dreams which seem to begin to come true. But what do they really mean and what effect will they have on her life?
I enjoyed it so much that I sat outside in the garden on Saturday, especially to finish it.
So hurry over to Rebecca's Facebook page where the launch and giveaways will take place, or visit her blog where you can find out more about her writing.

I'm actually more likely to dream about an event after it happens! After my daughter's wedding, my dreams were a hazy, lazy, flower-filled paradise; after my trip to Iceland, my dreams took place in a snowy half-twilight, and now after my trip to the Wild West, all the action takes place by rivers meandering through hot, sandy plains surrounded by high mesas. Not surprisingly, I generally dream about journeys, and there's usually a quest, or something to achieve.
I don't often have bad dreams, but in the last one, three secret agents wearing dark glasses, stood around my bed, trying to get me out. I struggled and eventually woke up. Shaking with fear, I asked my husband why he hadn't tried to save me, and he said, 'Oh, I thought you were having a lovely dream, and I didn't want to spoil it!'
Some dream! Let's hope it doesn't come true!
What sort of dreams do you have?


  1. Sounds a great story, Jean. Dreams are so strange, aren't they? What a scary way to wake up!

  2. Hi Jean. Thanks for your lovely comments about the book and for taking the time to join in with the launch party. I don't like the sound of those secret agents!