Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Gipsy Moth in Wallingford Bookshop!

Here is my novel, Gipsy Moth, on the shelf at Wallingford Bookshop.
I have to thank Rebecca Emin for blogging about this wonderful bookshop which agreed to stock her children's novel, New Beginnings, and her anthology, A Knowing Look and Other Stories.
I contacted Rebecca, and she said that she was sure that Alison at the shop would like to see my book, so I took it along. I felt really nervous, and hardly looked around the shop the first time, but she was pleased to take two copies.
I went back last week, and although they haven't sold yet, it only takes two people to come in and and buy them, and then perhaps she will take some more.  


  1. That's wonderful to get your book in the bookshop, Jean - hope it brings lots of atention to it.

  2. How wonderful, Jean! I am glad you got a photo as well, it looks brilliant there on the shelf! I MUST pop in soon, I do love that shop.

  3. Hi Jean, I was in Wallingford earlier so I popped in and saw your book on the shelves - front row!! Your book looks wonderful and the cover is gorgeous.