Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year 2012! I'm going to write my second novel at last!

Happy New Year!
My New Year Resolution for 2012 is to pick up the threads of the novel I started three or four years ago and finish it!
I've done lots of research as it's another historical one, but set this time during the First World War. Of course, I could have made it easy for myself and concentrated on the 1930s again, but I enjoy exploring the past, and writing about it is a great way of doing it. I would love to travel backwards in time, just as an observer, rather like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol, (so nothing could be changed) and see how people really lived, but as that's impossible, the next best thing is to use my imagination.
Writing my novel is going to take some time. My last one had nearly 40 chapters with about 2500 words in each, so even if I wrote as little as 500 words a day (that's 2 A4 double spaced sheets, Times New Roman font size 12), it would take 40 weeks, supposing I didn't write any at the weekends!
It will be quite a challenge, because for the past two years, apart from editing Gipsy Moth, I have been writing short stories of about 2000 words each. I wonder how easy I'm going to find it to extend my writing into a novel again?
As I said, I've done most of the research, but will have to read it through again. I've already re-read, the chapters that I've begun, and with my editing eye, I can see that there's quite some work to be done on them too!
I'm going to get some of the 'clearing up after Christmas' jobs done next week so I can make a clean start on January 9th.
Good Luck with your resolutions for 2012!


  1. Happy New Year Jean and good luck with the next book! Angela

  2. A very happy, healthy and successful New Year, Jean!

  3. What a lovely post, Mum. I do love your picture, very beautiful. You can do it :)

  4. Happy New Year, Jean! Thank you very much for the copy of Gipsy Moth, which I will read with great interest - and all the best with the new one. January's always a good time to start, keeps the writing year neat!