Tuesday, 8 November 2011

I've published Gipsy Moth on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords!

At last I've published Gipsy Moth on Amazon Kindle and Smashwords, and sent my final pdf copy off for printing!
A week last Saturday, I was sent the loose leaf proof copy of my book, wrapped in it's lovely new cover, see left! (I think Samantha Groom did such a good job!) I worked solidly to go through it and get it back to Direct POD as soon as possible. I posted it back last Monday, proudly having used the proofreading marks from Collins Dictionary for Writers & Editors!
Clare Lill sent me the pdf corrected copy, but some of the line formatting hadn't been done. So I feverishly went through the whole book again, putting things right and finding some more of my own errors. There were two problems on Saturday: firstly I kept getting a message that some of the header or footer was outside the printable area, and it took half a day to find printable area under Page Set Up - Page Attributes- Manage Custom Sizes - Printer Margins - User Defined, and phew - that did the trick if they were set to zero. Secondly, although the title pages and body of the text were in one doc file on my computer, they would only save as two in pdf, but Clare said she would be able to sort that out for me. At last I was satisfied and mailed them off. Hopefully they will be back on Friday for my book signing at the local farmers' market, where I hope there will be lots of people wanting a paperback with their organic sausages!
As far as the epub copies of my book went, I found, as I said before, the advice from Freda Lightfoot and Catherine Ryan Howard invaluable and the Amazon copy uploaded without any hitch. Hopefully, the Smashword copy or copies, as they are made for multiple formats are all ok too. At the moment, although it's published, I'm waiting for the AutoVetter to check it for the Premium Catalog so it can be distributed to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo and others.
I would like to thank Rosemary Gemmell, as well, who told me how to add the buttons to the right, (through the design tab in dashboard) so I could make a direct link to Amazon and Smashwords.

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