Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Fantastic Book Cover by Samantha Groom

Here is my fantastic book cover designed by Samantha Groom. I'm really pleased with it.
I sent her some ideas, but she came back with some even better ones, and was pleased to change the layout, shading and font until we arrived at this on the left. She also designed the spine and back of the book because I'm having some paper copies printed as well as listing it on Amazon.
I'm so excited about it all and I was thrilled to see all her suggestions dropping in my inbox.
I can really recommend her for her excellent service.

My novel should be on Amazon within the next week. I'll put up a post when it appears.


  1. Truly a lovely cover! what a talented girl she must be,

  2. Lovely cover ,you must be so excited good luck!
    Get your local library to have you in for a signing .If you were in Cornwall I would ask you to do us a talk about the process.All the best Angela. Check out the library where I work on facebook Truro Community Library Facebook