Thursday, 27 October 2011

Self Publishing - Sending off Typescript to Printers and Formatting for Kindle.

I had a delicious lunch in The Gipsy Moth pub in Greenwich yesterday, to celebrate sending my typescript for Gipsy Moth to Direct POD, the print on demand company!
I have checked and re-checked the typing, spelling, continuity, and those pesky chapter headings which seem to jump about every time I changed something else. At last it was ready, and the final cover design arrived too (I'm going to tell you more about that in a later blog).
I phoned Clare to check that I'd done everything, and pressed send! The proof copy should come back soon, and then I'll have to re-check it , of course and send it off again for the big print run! It's so exciting to be actually doing it at last!
Meanwhile, I'm formatting it for Kindle. I've been using Self-Printed by Catherine Ryan Howard, and Easy Way to Publish ebooks on Kindle, a booklet from Freda Lightfoot. They are both very good, and it's a bit like making a special dessert and taking the best advice from Delia and Nigella to make the flavour that I want. The cheesecake above at the pub was Mascarpone and Amaretto. Umm!

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