Monday, 6 April 2015

Postcards and Suntan Cream - Easter Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal Day 4 - Camping in France with a Little Comedy!

Camping in France is one of my favourite holidays; I also like a little comedy! This story, combining both, features in Postcards and Suntan Cream: my collection of twelve super summer stories, perfect for the beach, a deck chair in the garden, or if we're not so lucky with the Easter weather, by the fireside!

La Vallée d’Amour

‘Peter! There’s a donkey eating my knickers!’
Peter peered out of the tent where he had been trying to catch a quick siesta, to see a soft grey donkey with Kate’s hot pink M&S pants rapidly disappearing into its mouth.
‘I didn’t want to come here. I told you. We’re too old for this.’ Kate stomped towards him, her face as red as the scarlet canvas that Vacances en France used for its holiday-homes-away-from-home. 

My Amazon Kindle Countdown Deal continues today with a Limited Edition Postcards and Suntan Cream  with a fab Sixties cover designed by Samantha Groom which you can download for only 99p from today, until 8am BST on Tuesday, April 7th 2015.
But hurry, after that the price will go back up to £2.15!

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