Tuesday, 20 August 2013

I couldn't put down The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton

I began reading The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton on my Kindle on the train to the RNA Conference in Sheffield, and was totally engrossed in the story of Laurel Nicolson who, along with her baby brother, are the only witnesses to a murder in the summer of 1961.
Kate Morton takes the reader back to the events of 1941 in war torn London, and forward to 2011 and Laurel's attempts to discover the truth before her elderly mother, Dorothy, passes away.
The story centres around Dorothy, Vivien and Jimmy. How they grow up and how their lives become entwined, and what this has to do with the mysterious murder.
It is a fantastic read, and is hard to put down with all the twists and turns of the intricate plot. I was really kept guessing until the end.
Kate is as good at describing Vivien's childhood home in Tambourine Mountain, Australia, as she is at describing London in the Blitz, and all her characters are believable and true.
I have to mention that I was thrilled to get a hardback copy of the book at the Conference, but because it was 600 pages long, it was too heavy to read in bed, so I finished the novel on my Kindle! Also, because it was so long, it took me four weeks to read it instead of two, but it was worth it!
Have you read any of Kate Morton's novels?


  1. I haven't read this one, Jean, but I have read The Forgotten Garden and The House at Riverton. Lucky you, getting a hardback copy with your goody bag! Nowthat you've told us about it, I will look out for it. Hope you're doing ok.

    1. Fine, thank you, writing when I can and entering competitions!
      The Secret Keeper is out now in paperback - not so heavy!!!