Sunday, 4 August 2013

Getting Married? You Must Read The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie

I've really enjoyed reading The Wedding Diaries by Sam Binnie. It's the story of Kiki and Thom's wedding told in diary form - perfect for brides to be (and their mothers), though the latter may be in need of a stiff drink afterwards!
We follow Kiki through her eventful engagement; through the ups and downs of planning her wedding; meeting her family, including her pregnant sister, Suse; and the larger than life characters that she works with at Polka Dot Books; to virtually being a guest at her wedding!
Also in a parallel story, we follow the glitzy showbiz wedding preparations of one of Kiki's authors, Jacki Jones, a TV soap actress, whose extravagant plans are so different from Kiki's own.
At the end of the book Sam has provided a useful note book of hint and tips of organising your own wedding, with lots of good ideas for saving money.

She obviously draws on her experiences in writing her books, because having spent seven years in publishing and getting married, her latest book is a sequel called The Baby Diaries about her experiences of childbirth!
You can find my review here on Dot Scribbles' excellent book review site!


  1. Sounds essential reading for couples! Wish I'd known about them when my son was getting married.