Saturday, 15 December 2012

Too busy? Would you like to clone yourself this Christmas? Read what happened to Lou Suffern in Cecelia Ahern's The Gift

I first read The Gift by Cecelia Ahern back in 2008 when it was published. As you can see, my hardback copy came covered with silvery snowflakes and tied with a bright red bow. Fantastic!
It's a magical Christmas story, that really makes you think about the consequences of trying to do too much and be in two places at once at this time of year.
Lou Suffren, a busy Dublin businessman, is such a person who takes pity on a homeless man called Gabe (yes, I know, but  you'll have to read it!) by giving him a job in the post room. This part reminds me a bit of The Secret of My Success, the 1987 film starring Michael J Fox, but Gabe soon gives Lou the ultimate gift which changes his life.
I can't tell you too much, because it would spoil the story, but I can certainly recommend it as a wonderful book to read at this time of year -  if you can find time!
I wish it could be made into a film. Adam Sandler would be great to play Lou because he played a similar role in Click.
This is probably my last blog before the big day because I'm quite busy myself at the moment!  Happy Christmas!

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  1. Sounds great for this time of year, Jean! I've gven you a Very Inspiring Blogger Award if you want to accept it.