Friday, 30 September 2011

My daughter and I have read 'The Way We Were' by Elizabeth Noble

My daughter (aged 18) read this on holiday, and I've only just got my hands on it. Like with my other favourite authors, I've collected all Elizabeth Noble's books. I've loved them all, except for perhaps, Alphabet Weekends, where I felt that the idea of 26 weekends doing activities from A to Z was a bit forced. But, all the others were great.
This one is a bitter sweet tale of Susannah and Rob, childhood sweethearts, who meet again and try, despite a partnership with quasi-step-children and a marriage, to get back together again. Her relationship with her best friend, Amelia, is beautifully described too. I won't tell you the ending which is only revealed in the final 10 pages or so, but enough to say that my daughter and I did not agree with each other that the outcome was right.
Just one quibble, RAF Cranwell, the officer training college is in Lincolnshire, not Leicestershire. I know, because I've written about it in my novel!

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