Thursday, 28 February 2013

Beacon Hill and Downton Abbey!

Here I am at the top of Beacon Hill just off the A34 in Hampshire. I've just climbed 261 metres after a 7 mile walk - talk about fit!
It is one of the many hills where beacons were lit to warn of approaching invaders or attackers and it's certainly very windy up here!
Nearby on the Berkshire Downs is Watership Down where you can walk and see the very cottage where Richard Adams sat down to write his famous book about the rabbits which you might just catch hopping about.
However, behind me to the left you can just make out Highclere Castle, or the fictional Downton Abbey which is open to visitors on various dates between Easter and September. My best memory of the castle is going to see Twelfth Night in the grounds, but having to move indoors because of a thunderstorm. How fabulous to see Shakespeare in that legendary hall!
Have you visited a famous location for a film or a book?


  1. I visited Highclere Castle on a walking weekend with my friends last year. We spent the time saying, "Ooh that's where Lady Mary sat." or "That was where Matthew stood."

  2. Great photo, Jean, and well done on that climb! I've never been down that way (I don't think). One of my favourite places is Pollok House in Glasgow where some scenes of Garrow's Law are filmed.

    Meant to say how much I'm enjoying the stories in Postcards and Suntan Cream!

  3. Jean, I love visiting writers houses and any places to do with books,poetry etc.I just think you feel closer to the writer if you visit their home or the landscape that inspired them.x Angela

  4. Lovely scenery and your Twelfth Night experience sounds aptly dramatic!