Monday, 9 July 2012

Tweet Right by Nicola Morgan is the Sensible Person's Guide to Twitter!

I tweeted for the first time on February 26th 2012, and although Twitter tells me that I've tweeted 166 times since, I haven't been at all sure that I'm tweeting right, so this is why I recently downloaded Tweet Right by Nicola Morgan onto my Kindle.
Nicola takes you step by step through setting up on Twitter and tells you amongst other things about etiquette, blogging and finding followers. I now know the difference between DM (Direct Message) and DH (Darling Husband), so that can't be bad!
Although I read it through from beginning to end, I think that I'll use it for reference too.
My Twitter address is @jean_bull
I hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Good for you, Jean! I've been learning as I go along but I've always meant to read Nicola's book - as you say, it's probably great for reference.

  2. Jean,Thank you for sharing this. My problem is that I receive 100's of messages in foreign languages. At first I deleted them but it's too time consuming. I'm thinking of opening another twitter account but don't want the same thing to happen again,

    All the best,
    Rosemary Morris

    P.S. I really, really like the jacked cover of Gypsy Moth

  3. Thank you Rosemary and Rosemary!
    Perhaps Nicola could answer your question on her blog, Rosemary M.?

  4. Sounds interesting. These sites are often difficult to navigate well. It's definitely a book I'll bear in mind. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Thanks Sheila. It's well worth having a look.

  6. I've downloaded it too. It's a good guide, and I look forward to keeping in touch with you on Twitter.