Sunday, 14 August 2016

A Great Sequel to 'me before you' - 'after you' by Jojo Moyes

Jojo Moyes has written a great sequel to me before you.
after you is irresistible, drawing me in with believable characters and a mystifying plot.
Set eighteen months after the first book, it is also entertaining, romantic and, heartbreaking.
Louisa Clark is now working in a themed Irish bar at East City Airport in a green lycra uniform, complete with a red curly wig. She lives in the flat which Will has bought her, and one night slips off the top floor roof terrace to the ground, only to be rescued by paramedic, Sam.
A girl has climbed up onto the roof, and Louisa sees her pale face as she falls. This turns out to be Will's daughter, Lily, who has run away from home because her mother's re-married, and who causes Louisa no end of problems.
Louisa's parents provide light relief in that, at the age of sixty-two, her mother has decided to become a feminist and refuses to shave her legs which results in a lovely reconciliation at the end.
The novel explores the ups and downs of Louisa's relationships with Lily, Sam and her parents and, through twists and turns, arrives at a surprising end.
A perfect book to enjoy on holiday or any time!

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